GT Evangelistc Team

GT's outreach team, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and progressing the kingdom of GOD locally and around the world. We are after the lost winning souls, souls, and more souls for Christ!

GT Missions Team

We are a ministry called to meet needs. Our missions department is committed to providing resources and information for needy family. We provide a weekly food pantry as well clothing and additional food drives for the community of Joliet. 

Y.W.A.A. Youth With an Anointed Attitude

We are the youth ministry of GT Church. Age subgroups starting at 12 to 25. We provide community and support to the youth of the ministry with Christ centered activities and social events. We are committed to helping one another spiritually and supporting our youth community.

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"Our purpose is to assist and inspire the restoration of man. To be our brother's keeper and not his killer." Headed by Apostle Ron Coleman Sr. the MAN UP ORGANIZATION creates an annual men's conference in August! Calling all men from all over, MAN UP is an organization for men that seeks to empowers, protects, and help. We are our brother's keeper!


The GT Women's Ministry headed by our very own First Lady Deborah Coleman is a ministry for women to create opportunities and events to empower, uplift, and minister to women of all ages and backgrounds. We are committed to outreach and extending ourselves for the betterment of our fellow sister. 


We are a ministry of single adult men and women ages 18 and up. We create opportunities and events to fellowship among other single individuals socially. We gather to discuss and share our experiences as single, saved, and successful men and women of God to support and encourage one another to live, enjoy, and grow in God along this exciting journey of singleness.

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